Apart from offering tour activities to the attractive Tanzania destinations, we promote our social community welfare through the different project. We either partnered with Non-Government Organisations or we building up an outstanding Project Management Team to ensure project sustainability and value for money.
Even though we do encourage and need donations from third parties such as tourist and Non-Profit Organisation, not all of our projects are donor-funded projects, some are self-funded projects. We have a Community Initiative Fund; we accumulate money from each booking made by our customer to help our short team projects.

Pregnant girls and young mothers empowerment Hassan Mohamed Toziri Requires Donors Upcoming
Mbuyuni Women Empowering seminars Hassan Mohamed Toziri Requires Donors Active
Capacity building of dormant SACCOS in Tabora Municipal Hassan Mohamed Toziri Government On Hold
Pokea nyavu "tuvue pamoja" - Receive net "Lets fish together Hassan Mohamed Toziri UN Women-Empower Women Completed
Fundraising for helping Orphans Hassan Mohamed Toziri - Active
Youth for Peace Christian Gerald Komba IPYG Completed
Refugees – Reawakening Human Potential (Capacity Building Seminars)
Hassan Mohamed Toziri Hult Prize with Bill Clinton Completed
Hope for slum area
Geofrey Chogi PASSIO
IPYG Awareness Campaign Lee Hong Dong IPYG Completed
Education for Orphan Hassan Mohamed Toziri - Completed
Girl's Education for Peace Hassan Mohamed Toziri IPYG Completed
Opportunities for Youth Seminars Emanuel Jr. OKYD Completed
Peace through Arts Chipo Magombo IPYG Completed
MoCUSHAC Charity Event Bakari Msofe MoCUSHAC Completed

If you need to collaborate, donate or need any information feel free to contact us through or here.