Mount Meru (4,566 meters) is an active volcano located 70 kilometers west of Mount Kilimanjaro in Arusha, Tanzania. Mount Meru is one of Africa's most beautiful volcanoes and is the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro (4,5685m) it is also the fifth highest in the whole of Africa. The mountain offers excellent views across to her big sister Mt Kilimanjaro and is an excellent climb either as a standalone trip or before doing a game drive. It reaches 14,980 feet in height but has lost much of its greater part due to an eastward volcanic eruption about approximately 8,000 years ago. Mount Meru had a slight eruption about a century ago. The several small cones and craters seen in the area reflect various episodes of volcanic actions.

Mount Meru has a spectacular ash cone in her centre that has formed in the old crater. She is the topographic cornerstone of Arusha National Park whose fertile slopes rise above the surrounding savanna and support a forest that hosts diverse wildlife, including nearly 400 species of birds, and also monkeys and Zebra.

The mountain is located in Arusha National Park, which gives trekkers the opportunity to see a lot of wildlife as they approach and climb the mountain. The ascent is quite steep in places and the route to the summit passes over a number of streams. As you ascend, similar to Kilimanjaro, you pass from the equator to what feels like the Arctic, moving through grasslands, tropical rainforest, alpine meadows, moorlands and desert uplands to snow and ice. The summit is reached by a narrow, barren ridge, which provides stunning views of the Ash Cone lying several thousand feet below in the crater. Weather permitting, Kilimanjaro can be seen in the West.

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Arusha National Park Overview:

The Arusha National Park, a small (137 sq km) but beautiful African park, is the closest Tanzanian National Wildlife Park to both the famous “safari town” of Arusha (29 km), as well as the Kilimanjaro International Airport, thus making it ideal for day safaris, even from Moshi (65 km). Not only is the wildlife in the Arusha National Park abundant, but it is also one of the most beautiful and topographically varied game reserves in Tanzania. The African Arusha National Park’s three most significant features include the rugged Mount. Meru (Tanzania’s second highest peak at 4566m), the notably different colored Momela Lakes, and the 3km wide Ngurdoto Crater, which was formed about fifteen million years ago! The varied and beguiling animals and flora found in this game reserve are mainly determined by the different altitude and geography of these 3 “zones”.