Delicious cuisine:
The meals served in the lodges and camps are of a high standard and can range from local to western food. The chefs are fully trained and know the importance of preparing delicious cuisine.

  • All recipes require only kitchen equipment that most people have.
  • Lunches are designed to be packable so they can be taken to work or school. Some lunches use leftovers from recipes prepared for dinner the night before.
  • Menu items can be moved between meals, such as swapping a banana at breakfast for an orange at snack. Snacks can be eaten at any time of the day.


• Fruits
• Bread – toast with butter, jam, marmalade and honey
• Eggs
• Sausages
• Beans
• Porridge
• Tea / Coffee
• Mineral water and juice

Picnic lunch:

• Sandwich
• Packet juice
• Boiled egg
• Roasted chicken
• Creams
• Chocolate
• Cheese
• Fruits
• Mineral water

Evening tea:

• Tea / Coffee
• Roasted peanuts / popcorn / biscuits


• Appetizer
• Appetizer of the season e.g. Avocado vinaigrette
• Soup
• Soup of the season, e.g. Tomato soup
• Western Main Dishes
• Rice and curry with vegetables
• Plain clips with vegetables
• Potato salad with beef curry
• Macaroni Salad with chicken curry
• Roasted chicken clips with salad
• Roasted potato with salad
• Roasted potatoes with fish and vegetables
• African Main dishes
• Roasted chicken salad with ugali
• Beef barbeque with Potato salad
• Matoke with beef fillet and salad
• Roasted potato beef barbeque with salad
• Fruits
• Tea / Coffee and mineral water

Most accommodations cater for vegetarians at the any accommodations as well as on our camping safaris.

Note: We offer more meal menu depending on the accommodation.