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This is a newest and fantastic route that takes in all sides of the mountain nearly 360 degrees of beautiful scenery including the quiet, rarely visited northern slopes, and offers good acclimatization over either 7 or 8 days. This route can even be split over 9 days to give extra acclimatization. It begins in the remote west, following the Lemosho trail for the beginning of the climb through lush and pristine rainforest. The trail then rises steeply up to and across the Shira Plateau before taking a northeasterly direction around the back side of the mountain and on to the 'Northern Circuit', avoiding the mainstream of climbers that continue on to Barranco Camp from the plateau. The Northern Circuit is not incorporated as a standard section of most routes and as such offers climbers a real sense of solitude and a different experience of Mt. Kili. The extra days also aid the acclimatization process, increasing the chance of reaching the summit. Eventually, the Northern Circuit brings climbers around to the eastern side of the mountain to summit Uhuru Peak via Gillman's and Stella Point, descending via the Marangu Route with a stopover at Horombo. The challenge begins on the Lemosho Route in the west.

Difficulties of this route:
This is the wettest route, should be avoided during rainy season normally March, April and May.