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Lemosho Route is considered to be the most attractive route on Mt. Kili, granting panoramic views on various sides of the mountain. As one of the newer routes, this is the excellent choice for your climb. It is our favoured route due to the high summit success rate and beautiful scenery.

This route includes a crossing of the Shira Plateau which precedes an assault on the summit via Barranco, Karanga Valley and Barafu to Stella Point on the Barafu Route; or, alternatively, via the Western Breach Route up to the Kibo crater floor and onto the summit. The usual descent route is the Mweka trail. Overall, allow seven to nine days if stops at Shira 1, Shira Huts and in the Karanga Valley are taken.


Benefits of this route:
The main reason why this route has overtaken the old Shira Plateau Route as the main path of climbing from the west, it is because you will have a chance to walk through the forests on Kilimanjaro’s western slopes. Usually, we use a vehicle all the way up to the plateau, thereby missing out not only on some fine forest, which you experience only through a vehicle window but also on some useful acclimatization.

Climb through Lemosho allows side trips to the minor peaks of Kilimanjaro’s third summit, the Shira Ridge. In particular, the Shira Cathedral, on the southern side of the plateau, has become a very popular excursion on the 3 days of the climb, such a side trip is useful for acclimatization purposes and no extra days need to be taken to do this either.
Other side trips that do require an extra day include climb to the Moir Huts on the northwestern side of the Kilimanjaro. The variety of different trails one can take and itineraries one can build is one of the pleasures of this route. Climbing Mount Kili from the west may also allow you to take the Western Breach Route to the summit if you prefer.

Difficulties of this route:
Not many really. In our experience, we noted it as the wettest route.