There is a selection of safari lodges and tented camps within the park itself as well as the areas surrounding it. With our listing bellow you can choose your desired accommodation.

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Tarangire Safari Lodge
It is a substantial lodge situated 10km inside the main gate of Tarangire Park, close to the park's main airstrip, Kuro Airstrip. It was originally built in 1970.

Burunge Tented Camp
This camp is the perfect place to relax in comfort after a day of gamedrives in Tarangire, simply carried away by the breeze and the colors of the African sunset.

Kichuguu Camp
Convenient location inside Tarangire National Park offering sunrise and sunset view, creative design incorporates the unique structure and ecosystem.

Maramboi Tented Camp
It is a luxurious camp situated close to the shores of Lake Manyara and located on the migratory corridor of Manyara and Tarangire.

Tarangire River Lodge
It is a relatively new lodge just outside Tarangire.The Camp is set within a large concession area set aside for conservation by the local Maasai community of Minjingu.

Swala Camp
It is located in a secluded area of Tarangire Park, one of the most exciting and least visited parks in the country. In the heart of Maasai country and a remote.

Roika Tented Camp
A unique flora & fauna of shrublands and acacia woodlands with hearty baobab trees strewn around. Welcome to the birds’ paradise of over 500 bird species.

Kuro Lodge
Kuro is set amid a grove of Acacia and Kigelia trees on the banks of the Tarangire River - often a dry, sandy course snaking through this quiet area of the park.

Simba Lodge
It is situated in a wildlife-rich area with unhampered views to beautiful Lake Burunge, bordered by the park and a Wildlife Management Area.